About RoninPro

RoninPro Team

Meet the team behind RoninPro!

We are a small, Wisconsin-brewed crew with individual skills sets which combined offer a total package! Each member has a role to make sure you are happy with your before & after-purchase experience with us. Of course there are many other hands in this operation, but these are the big 3!

Customer Satisfaction & Social Media

He is likely the guy to answer your calls and reply to your emails. Keeps us old farts in tune with whats happening in the ever changing social media world. Dan is a US Army Vet and knows his firearms!

When he is out of the office, you can find Dan getting dirty in the garage under the hood of a modified Jeep. Say hi to Dan on his Jeep twitter account!

Weapon of Choice:

Website Development

Makes sure the site is running perfect and that your website experience is effortless. He is a self-taught eCommerce guru with over 10 years of experience! (almost before Al Gore invented the internet!)

When he is not behind the computer, you can find him at home spending time with his wife and 2 young toddlers and restoring his old farm house.

Weapon of Choice: 300BLK

Product & Manufacturing Engineer

Holds an engineering degree and has corporate experience working in big Fortune 500 companies as an engineer. Ensures that the products we deliver to you are up to your standards (and exceeds them)!

When he is not on the shop floor, you can find him building race cars or hitting the ski slopes.

Weapon of Choice:



No matter what service or products we are providing, these are our core values we live by each day.

  • We were raised to work hard & we don’t believe in getting something for nothing.
  • Our fathers and grandfathers taught us that respect and trust is earned through hard work & discipline, there are no shortcuts.
  • We give to those who are deserving.
  • We strive for perfection. Good is not good enough and there is always room for improvement.
  • We are meticulous and we do worry about the details
  • We respect our fellow veterans, those actively serving & those working both abroad and in our communities as it preserves the freedom we all share and never take for granted.
  • We care about our customers. We will do what we can to help a customer or potential customer.
  • We are human. We make mistakes, we own up to them and learn from them. If we didn’t make mistakes we probably are not trying hard enough.
  • We will make it right. We are not out to take your hard earned money. If we get the feeling that you have lost any trust, we will reach out to you to make it right.
  • We share a common passion and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to serve our customers.
  • We work day in and day out. RoninPro is who we are and what we do. When you buy RoninPro, you are teaming up with
  • What keeps us going? Your gracious and positive feedback that tells us you understand us and our values.