50 Cal. Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

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This replica 50 Cal. bullet replaces your dull worthless radio antenna with a splash of #badassness, is that a word? Yes, how else do you explain the 50 Cal. Antenna on your Jeep Wrangler to your friends? Get yours while supplies last and don't be that guy without one.

#UnapologeticallyAmerican . Even if the patriot in you isn't screaming I need one of these I'm sure that, "I'm a bada$$" part of you is.


  • Be Unapologetically American.
  • This Aluminum Bullet Antenna has the same dimensions as a real 50 Caliber bullet. Note: But it will not work in your firearm! You would have to throw it at someone to do damage and we don't recommend that.
  • Installs in a Minute - Simply install the Bullet Antenna on your Jeep Wrangler by unscrewing your existing antenna and screwing this in place.
  • All Hardware Included - Comes with the necessary hardware and also includes the required allen wrenches for installation.
  • Premium Materials - Stainless hardware and solid 6061 Aluminum bullet with Hard Anodize Matte Black finish that will not chip or fade.
  • Car Wash Safe - Not that we really have to add this but someone asked... How can you wreck this in a car wash?
  • Fits 2007- 2017 Jeep Wrangler. If you don't know what you have do not call us.
  • Notice - Sometimes looking good isn't practical but it feels damn good so we do it anyway. With that said I have to add: "Please note that this antenna may reduce your radio signal in certain locations".